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Hugs: human, cat, dog, lizard style.

Through this beautiful book, I've caught myself reading it in its entirety about once a month or on long travels to Prague, Germany and back to the United States since its debut last March. Each time I read through, I write down the date and place of which certain blurb touches my soul as to mark a time and place to remember back and see my transformations through these little ponderings, bringing up more gunk to be processed or to realize truths more fully. Anyways, enough about my thought process and now a short story I find magical and uplifting about the last year of my life.

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Mixed Feelings

What kindergarten teachers don’t realize is that when they put up those posters that are trying to teach you about feelings, is that there just really simple feelings like happy, sad, tired, disgusted, angry, embarrassed, hopeful, excited, sick, nervous etc. They never teach you about feelings that got mixed together like flour, milk, butter, sugar, eggs and chocolate chips do when you make cookies.

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