Finding balance in chaos

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting recently about balance.

Normally I think of balance in terms of, when I feel like my life is out of balance (ie. when I’m too busy), I need to create some space. To change something externally to create a more balanced feeling life internally.

More and more I’m leaning toward internal shifts. In other words, shifts or changes in perspective. In this case, I have evaluated each piece and component that makes up my world currently, and it really is existing as it needs to right now. That being said, I FEEL out of balance.

Being as I’ve evaluated the externals and determined that there is nothing I care to shift currently in order to create space, I am left to explore the internal. What internal shifts can I make to shift the lighten the burden in some way?

It sounds cliche, but I’m trying to focus on the positive. Rather than focusing on the burdensome feeling of every crack and crevice of my time and energy world being filled to the brim, I’m actively focusing on the fact that I truly love everything that I do. And the stuff I love slightly less, allows me the opportunity and capabilities to do the things I love more.

This not a fail proof plan yet. Still in the experimental stages.

But. It helps. And often our true power lies in the internal. There’s only so much we can change about our external circumstances before we HAVE to face ourselves.

As always, loving you!!