How is your own inner bullshit holding you back?!

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently because I think it shows up in more areas than we realize. Or maybe just more than I realized….

The common thing right now is centered around issues of self worth. Not feeling deserving of love, or success, or abundance, in whatever form. This one is pretty prevalent, I think. We receive all sorts of messages that imprint on us when we’re young. I’m convinced that at least half of the real growth experience is unraveling all those inner tapes. And some of them are buried in deep, making for a complicated and lengthy process at times that takes deliberate and continuous evaluation and redirection. Especially tricky if you find yourself surrounded by people delivering the same or similar messages as you’re trying to approach it all differently.

But the one that came up for me most recently as far as holding the self back is justifying. Yes, yes. We all do it. But let me explain.

I was recently bingeing You on Netflix recently (if you haven’t seen it yet, yowza!) (also, potentially spoiler alert…maybe). One of the aspects that made the show extra engaging (in my opinion) is that we, as the audience, are often privy to the inner dialogue of the main characters. To me this added to the intensity of how the story played out. Part of what made the Joe character relateable was his ability to justify his actions. Often, he would work through a mental process to get there. And who doesn’t do that to some extent or another? Whether it’s things like “I was going to get up early and go running, but I was fast asleep when the alarm went off and I haven’t been sleeping well recently, and, and, and….”. I’m not saying these are all in all bad things. Sometimes you absolutely do need the extra time to sleep or whatever. What I AM saying, is where/how are your justifications holding you back from accomplishing all you want in this life? At what point do you say, “Screw it. I’m doing it anyway.”?

We all have ways we are holding ourselves back from what we are truly capable of. Growth is taking a long hard look at the self, recognizing those areas, and making adjustments as necessary. Growth is hard, often uncomfortable, and ultimately, so very worth it.

‘Til next time!