~A Welcome Letter~

Greetings and welcome to TFLPbook.com, we’re so glad you’re here!!

I wanted to take a moment to welcome each of you and explain a little bit of what this website is all about and why it’s here.

First of all, who the heck am I?

HI, I’m Meara. I’m a previous Montessori teacher, current childcare provider, student and teacher of yoga, grad student of counseling, student of life, and author of a precious little piece of magic called Thought-Filled Little Ponderings.  

The book itself is a collection of “blurbs” that are short, easily digestible, and intended to bring comfort to the soul, particularly during those hard or “broken” times in life as well as bring awareness to the opportunity that lies in the midst of those times.

The hope of this blog is to be a bit of an extension of the book. The idea is to build a community of “ponderings”, uplifting, encouraging, heartfelt, learning, growing, and expanding together.

All are welcome to join in on the experience. We have just one rule. KEEP IT POSITIVE. “Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate”. Feel free to post about whatever topic comes to mind or heart. We just ask that it’s approached in a way that feels authentic and uplifting.

Each month we will have a “Pondering of the Month” in our featured section. This will be a pondering by YOU fine people. One that’s particularly resonating for whatever reason. This pondering will be chosen each month from the “Community Ponderings” section (which is where you will post!)

There will also be ponderings or guides from me from time to time under the “Thoughts from the Author” section as well as a, as it stands currently, monthly (perhaps at some point weekly) newsletter, so be sure to sign up!

We (“we” being the marvelous Sarah Micheletti and I) hope to expand this site further down the line.   We’re so excited to have you joining us for lift off!!

Big love and tons of hugs to you all!!