Moving Fast

Well, we're barreling into December. It always seems so fast in these months. The holidays can be overwhelming and are not always joyous for everyone. Before we put this one in the books, I can't help but reflect on this time last year. Painfully, I watched my father lose hope. This had changed me permanently. Then there is the camp fire smoke from Sacred Stone that I can still smell. I wonder where all those people are now, that conversed with me for hours.
It's been crazy at work. There has been so many changes, as well as new faces. New faces have always been a difficult thing for me. Just over a month ago I was fired, evicted, rehired, and promoted in just two weeks time. Someone who I thought was my friend stabbed me in the back. Consequently removal of that person has relieved much anxiety. On the other hand, I have more responsibility than ever. It would be a lie if I said wasn't nervous as hell.
I'm happy to have my family's support, not everyone does. The wind has shifted and it's in my sails. Focus is key now. I'm gonna ride this strange train into the new year.