About Meara

Meara is a San Antonio, Texas native. Raised on tacos and hugs, she has spent most of her professional life being inspired by young minds. A teacher by trade, she had the unique opportunity to pursue and explore many passions including horseback riding, violin and yoga. Currently working to complete her doctoral studies in counselor education and supervision and combine her passion for people and yoga into a culture and practice of healing. You can find her at www.mnmyoga.com or on her Amazon author page.



About the TFLP Book

Have you ever began the day thinking that it was going to be a perfectly normal day and then... BAM! Something unexpected happens which throws you off track? 

Something challenging, heartbreaking, changing, even rearranging? 

It happens. Life happens. 

'Thought Filled Little Ponderings' is here for you for those moments. It’s a collection of inspirational tidbits, motivational ideas and empowering thoughts to give you that extra boost on the hard days. Like little morsels of emotional chocolate! 

It is my hope that this book meets you where you are on your journey and provides you with the encouragement to keep moving forward.